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Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce nulled plugin 5.1.0

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Improved Badges for WooCommerce is a plugin that transforms default WooCommerce sale badges into relatable designs. It integrates seamlessly into the WooCommerce interface and allows users to customize their badges, display discounts in percentages or money saved, and enable single product overrides. The plugin also includes 3 special badges with customizable text. It can be installed in seconds and translated into any language using the WPML translation plugin. The plugin comes with.MO and.PO files and instructions.

Improved Badges for WooCommerce

Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce nulled plugin is that will turn your basic WooCommerce sale badges into something your customers can relate to and will capture their attention right away. Change the style to match your current collection, season, or holiday using the plugin’s great presets. The plugin effortlessly interacts with the WooCommerce interface. The options are located on the WooCommerce > options > Sale Badges page in your WordPress Dashboard. After a fast setup, your business will immediately display your new sale badges with discounts in a variety of styles. Show discounts in percentages or dollars saved, utilise custom settings and colours, change your badges on the fly, and even establish a countdown timer till the offer closes! You may also assign a different sale badge to each product separately! There are no restrictions on combinations! There are also three special badges that you may customise with your own words!

Install in seconds with the easiest setup ever

The easiest installation ever. Your business will instantly display the updated badges. You can easily change defaults and personalise your badges in the Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce settings! Choose one of the 17 available presets, choose a colour, and place your new Sale Badges to amaze your consumers. Allow single product overrides to show a unique badge for each Sale product. There are many combinations and possibilities!Show percentage discounts and money saved, as seen on famous websites!
An crucial upgrade for your WooCommerce shop. Use the badges that your competitors use. Display your discounts in percentages, the amount of money your consumers will save by purchasing a product on sale, and even a timer below the sale badge to let your customers know how much time they have left until the offer ends! Enabling single product overrides allows you to specify a separate sale badge for each product.

Overrides are limited to a single product.

Override the badges for each product! Set a new colour or modify the overall design of your sale badge on a per product basis. There are no restrictions on the number of badge combinations! Set any of the provided presets to any product. Use distinct Sale Badges for different product categories or kinds to quickly distinguish them and make them stand out to your consumers.

Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce nulled plugin Special badges!

Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce nulled plugin To show a Special Badge for a single product, choose one of three distinct style choices. There are many alternatives for making your items stand out and attracting buyers! Insert whatever text you like and highlight certain products in your store. You may assign a separate Special Badge to each product in your store by allowing Sale Badge overrides for individual goods.

Translation is ready!

Every file is ready for translation. The WPML translation plugin has complete support! You may easily convert the plugin and your improved sale badges into any language! The nulled plugins includes.MO and.PO files, as well as translation instructions for any language.

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